Broad Bay Colony

Broad Bay Colony is a serene urban neighborhood in Virginia Beach, Virginia area. This coastal neighborhood offers residents a variety of amenities, including restaurants, shops, and parks. The community is also close to the Oceanfront, offering residents easy access to the beach.

Broad Bay Colony is the perfect Virginia Beach to call home if you’re seeking a little bit more oceanfront living. This coastal neighborhood (i e., it’s on an expanse of water) offers residents stunning views and easy access across all modes.

A quick drive takes people straight into downtown Virginia Beach where they can find restaurants and shops – even some museums open late that stay open through sunset times, so there are no awkward gaps in entertainment when night falls.

The Broad Bay Colony is a haven for those individuals who desire to live in the lap of luxury, with its beautiful homes that come equipped with everything imaginable. The neighborhood has something special waiting just around every corner- from bustling shopping centers and restaurants serving up world-class cuisine, all without sacrificing your own personal space.

This Virginia Beach neighborhood is ideal for individuals eyeing large homes with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. The community has both single-family residential properties as well as apartment complexes that offer high-rise living.

Broad Bay Colony is a beautiful neighborhood that has an average rental price of $2,257. The median rental cost in this Virginia Beach community is higher than 65.4% of the other neighborhoods in Virginia. The high rental prices in Broad Bay Colony are due to the many amenities that the neighborhood has to offer.

Many people dream of residing on the coast, but few can afford to enjoy it. Fortunately for them, there are places like the Broad Bay Colony community that offer an affordable waterway lifestyle with plenty of amenities and beautiful views.

This nautical neighborhood has an appealing mixture of history and modernity. The bay it’s located in provides scenic views for those who come to enjoy them, as well as waterside activities like fishing or kayaking through the local rivers that empty into this vast body of water

The Broad Bay Colony is an excellent choice for you to consider for retirement living in Virginia. This Virginia Beach neighborhood combines peace and quiet, safety from crime (it’s ranked among the top 8%), as well as offering diverse housing options that allow retirees of all ages access – making it perfect. Maybe these amenities are what attract many college-educated seniors here, mixed with other age groups.

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