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How can your dumpsters be used?

In general, they are used to dispose of waste. You can dispose of waste from recent construction, renovation, landscaping, or basement cleaning project. In fact, you can dispose of just about anything so as long as it isn’t hazardous waste or medical waste. If you suspect that your waste is hazardous call us to find out before disposing of it in the dumpster.

What impacts the cost of your dumpsters?

Virginia Beach is a relatively large city, with many people located several miles from our base of operations. Also, the distance between landfills varies quite a bit. Generally, what you pay for a dumpster depends on your location from the nearest landfill and the size of the dumpster you hire. Our pricing includes all taxes and landfill fees. That being said, you can always call us to get a quote.

How do I load the dumpster?

Everything you dispose of in the dumpster should be well within it. Make sure that you don’t have anything hanging over the sides. If the debris you’re trying to dispose of is larger than what can fit inside, you can try breaking it up. Overloaded dumpsters can be challenging to pick up and can lead to a delay.

How long can I rent your dumpster?

You can rent our dumpster for anywhere from 7 to 14 days. That said, a lot depends on what you need it for. Many people working on major projects can rent it for up to a month but upon request. We reserve the right to charge you a daily fee for each day you have the dumpster beyond the committed period.

I want to order more than one dumpster in different sizes; is it possible?

Yes, you can. We don’t have any objection or a rule against hiring multiple dumpsters. In fact, many of our clients working on large demolition projects require multiple dumpsters to be placed at various locations at the site for easy loading.

Will you pick up my dumpster automatically?

We don’t pick up dumpsters automatically. You will need to notify us when you want it picked up. The assumption for us is that you are calling because the dumpster is full. However, if you cannot call us by the last day of the pre-decided rental period, we reserve the right to charge you a fee for each additional day.

Can you schedule a same-day pickup for the dumpster?

We certainly can pick up the dumpster the same day it is delivered. However, you will have to call us a few hours before you need the dumpster picked up. Also, please notify us when ordering that you’ll return the dumpster on the same day of delivery.

How to rent a roll-off dumpster?

The easiest way is for you to call us. Alternatively, if it’s after business hours, you can fill out our online form, and we’ll contact you to finalize all the details before scheduling the delivery.