Bellwood Estates

Bellwood Estates is a beautiful suburban neighborhood in Virginia Beach, VA. The area is home to a variety of families and individuals, all of whom enjoy the benefits of residing in a safe and close-knit community. The Bellwood Estates neighborhood is located just minutes from the beach, making it the perfect community to call home for those who love spending time outdoors.

Bellwood Estates is the ideal neighborhood for you if your family likes spending time outdoors or not. This Virginia Beach neighborhood has something that will meet all of their needs. In addition, it’s served by an excellent school district, making education accessible no matter what level one achieves at–which means they can grow up feeling educated about everything around them since there are so many opportunities available within these walls.

The area of Bellwood Estates is a perfect place for those individuals who want to reside in the suburbs without all that congestion. The homes here tend toward medium-sized population sizes with three or four bedrooms and large lots, making them great options if you’re looking at starting your family soon.

The Bellwood Estates community is home to some really great people who love the area’s large homes with multiple rooms. Most of the community’s residences are owner-occupied, meaning they live in their own four-, five, or more bedrooms without any renters taking up residence next door.

This lovely Virginia neighborhood has a variety of rental properties available. The average rental cost in the picturesque Bellwood Estates neighborhood is currently $4,721, which is higher than 99.1% of the neighborhoods across Virginia. The high rental prices in the Bellwood Estates community are due to the fact that the area is very desirable. It is close to public transportation and has various shopping and dining options.

Living in this great Virginia Beach neighborhood is a dream come true for any family looking to start their life together. With top public schools and low crime rates, you can feel safe knowing that your children will have an excellent education without having to worry about being robbed or attacked on the way home from school each day! The local families also tend towards intellect as well – just take one look at all those college-educated folks walking around town armed with the knowledge of what makes other people tick (and why they should/shouldn’t do something).

The Bellwood Estates neighborhood is among the wealthiest in America, with residents living here more fortunate than 96.3% of all other communities across America. This isn’t just because they’re better educated or have higher incomes; it’s also due to how much money is concentrated within their ranks – even when compared to other wealthy neighborhoods across this great land.

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