Thoroughgood is a great Virginia Beach neighborhood to call home if you’re eyeing the suburban lifestyle with easy access and plenty of things going on around town.

This is a beautiful suburban neighborhood in Virginia Beach, VA, well-known for its spacious, tree-lined streets, and it is home to a variety of families and businesses. The Thoroughgood neighborhood is also close to several popular tourist attractions. Furthermore, the community is served by excellent schools and has a variety of recreational facilities. In short, Thoroughgood is an ideal neighborhood to live in, work, and raise a family.

The Thoroughgood community is a perfect place to call home if you’re seeking both serenity and convenience. With its large selection of homes, the area has everything from single-family houses on small lots all the way up through townhomes with five bedrooms.

The Thoroughgood community is currently among the most expensive neighborhoods in Virginia for renters. The average rental price in this Virginia Beach neighborhood is $3,486, which is higher than 93.9% of the neighborhoods across Virginia.

The Thoroughgood neighborhood is a desirable neighborhood for many reasons. It is close to downtown, has great schools, and is a safe community. However, the high cost of rent may be prohibitive for some people. If you are considering renting in Thoroughgood, be prepared to pay a premium price.

Living in the Thoroughgood neighborhood is a lifestyle you can’t imagine without being part of it. This single area has more married couples residing here than 98 percent of all US neighborhoods, and they’re not just together for show – these families really do thrive on each other’s company. If your marriage entails school-aged kids or not, if both spouses work outside the home or not, then there might be many people like yourself who share similar interests and perhaps even some common friends in this amazing community.

The military is a big part of the culture in this Virginia Beach neighborhood, with 2.8% of employed workers who are active duty or veterans themselves living here. This helps shape its unique character and identity as one that has more people from different eras/backgrounds than most other areas do.

The people who reside in the Thoroughgood neighborhood are some of the wealthiest and most well-off around. This Virginia Beach neighborhood is among the 15% wealthiest in America and has a higher income than 94.2% of neighborhoods across this great country.

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