Lynnwood is a quiet, serene suburban neighborhood in Virginia Beach. Although it’s close to all the action – restaurants and shops- you’ll find that there are plenty of green spaces for relaxing or exercising.

Lynnwood is a perfect place to call home for individuals seeking the peace and quiet of suburban living without sacrificing convenience. The area’s beautiful homes, tree-lined streets, and friendly neighbors make it an ideal location that will bring you closer than ever before with your loved ones while enjoying all this Virginia Beach community has to offer, such as close proximity to schools or daycare facilities.

The Lynnwood community is a city of opportunity where you can find your dream home. The homes in this Virginia Beach area range from large, five-bedroom houses to small single-family properties with just three bedrooms. There’s something for everyone here – whether it be an affordable townhome or luxurious estate on one acre plus land close enough that all the amenities are within reach without having too much traffic around you at any time during the day.

This is a great Virginia Beach community to live in for various reasons, but the high rental prices may be a deterrent for some. The average rental cost in the picturesque Lynnwood community is currently $4,338, which is higher than 97.4% of the neighborhoods across Virginia. The area of Lynnwood is still relatively affordable when compared to other major metropolitan areas, but it’s important to be aware of the potential costs before making the decision to move here. This picturesque neighborhood offers many amenities that make it worth the cost, though, so it’s ultimately up to the individual to decide whether or not the price is worth it.

Lynnwood is a wealthy and diverse neighborhood in Virginia Beach. The area has among the lowest child poverty rates among all neighborhoods across America, which makes it an exceptional community for research studies on children’s wellbeing.

The Lynnwood neighborhood is a place where people can find housing, surrounded by others who share their lifestyle choices. Whether they have school-aged kids or not, married couples are the rule in this area of Virginia Beach. If you’re a married couple eyeing an interesting place to live with your spouse, this single neighborhood has it all. With higher concentrations of couples living here than 99% of U.S neighborhoods, Lynnwood is definitely the place.

This is a suburban neighborhood in Virginia Beach that has some of the highest income earners in America. This means it falls into 15% percent of the wealthiest areas across all states and cities, making its residents among those who can afford luxury items like expensive cars or homes with large mortgage payments on top.

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