Laurel Manor

Laurel Manor is a beautiful suburban community in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The area is home to a variety of shops and businesses, as well as several schools and parks. Laurel Manor is also situated near several major highways, making it an ideal location for commuters. In recent years, the area has seen significant growth, thanks in part to its convenient location and quality of life.

Laurel Manor is the ideal community if you want a suburban neighborhood with an active and friendly community. With various things going on, whether it’s their block parties or fundraiser for a local school, there really isn’t any shortage of entertainment options nearby. And when night falls, Laurel Manor’s well-lit streets provide safety not only from crime but also traffic accidents since they’re situated near many busy intersections where cars typically speed through without caution.

Residents of Laurel Manor live in a safe and nurturing community. The homes here tend to be large, with three or four bedrooms if you’re eyeing that type of space, but there’s also plenty available at pocket-friendly prices if it isn’t quite so much room on your budget. Most residents own their property which means they get all the benefits associated with owning homes.

Laurel Manor is a well-known neighborhood in Virginia Beach for its high rental prices. The average rental cost in the picturesque Laurel Manor community is currently $2,892, which is higher than 85.4% of the neighborhoods across Virginia. Laurel Manor is ideal for individuals eyeing luxury and convenience since the area is filled with high-end shops and restaurants, as well as top-rated schools. The Laurel Manor community is also a short drive from many major attractions, making it a perfect place to call home.

This is a Virginia Beach neighborhood for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Your neighbors here have urbane tastes, and they’re educated, often travel – even if not living anywhere near big cities and lead an urban lifestyle with their literature collections or art pieces hanging on display around your block. Here you will find people that share similar interests as well: being wealthy enough to afford such luxury items without public assistance.

The Laurel Manor neighborhood is unique in many ways, but one thing that makes it stand out from other neighborhoods around the country is its high concentration of professionals. In fact, 67 percent here work as executives or managers. With such a professional population, you can expect to see all sorts going on at any given time.

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