Great Neck Point

Great Neck Point is a beautiful suburban community in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The area is well-known for its scenic views and its lovely homes. The Great Neck Point community is also conveniently located near many of Virginia Beach’s best shopping and dining destinations. Whether you’re eyeing a peaceful place to call home or a vibrant community to enjoy Virginia Beach’s many attractions, Great Neck Point is the perfect neighborhood for you.

This beautiful Virginia Beach, VA area has large homes that can accommodate up to 6 individuals, as well as medium ones for just three or four. It’s perfect if you want privacy but still like the idea of being close enough, so your family will be able visit often without too much difficulty when they come over from out of town.

Great Neck Point is currently among the Virginia neighborhoods with the highest average rental price at $4,456 per month. This is significantly higher than the 97.9% of other neighborhoods across the state.

The Great Neck Point neighborhood is a desirable place to live for many reasons, including its close proximity to shopping, excellent schools, and abundance of outdoor activities. The average rental cost reflects this desirability and is likely to continue to rise as more people are looking to live in Great Neck Point. If you’re considering making Great Neck Point your home, be prepared to pay a little bit more each month for the privilege. But from our perspective, it’s definitely worth it.

The people of Great Neck Point may be able to teach priests and therapists a thing or two about successful marriages since 72% are married, which is higher than in 98.6% of other neighborhoods across the United States.

The Great Neck Point neighborhood is among the best communities for families in Virginia. This Virginia Beach area has a low crime rate, high-level public schools, and owner-occupied single-family homes that give it an authentic look and feel–not like some other cookie-cutter developments you see all over town. Many individuals also call this place home, making life easy to socialize within your community while still enjoying each other’s company on occasion, too; there’s nothing better than having friends who know what you’re going through since they’ve been through it themselves.

The people in this Virginia Beach community are some of the wealthiest and most well-known around. They maintain their wealth by keeping up with all parts, from real estate prices to luxury cars on display on our streets.

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